Ask any sister why they chose ZTA and also why they remain in ZTA and they will tell you that it is because of the sisterhood.  By joining ZTA you will meet a diverse group of young women that will become your sisters for life.  The friendships and the memories will last a lifetime and will continue after your college years. In ZTA, our sisters have found their best friends, roommates, bridesmaids, and people who are there for them 24/7.  

Whether its a planned sisterhood event or just going to eat at the Caf before our weekly chapter meeting, you're never alone in ZTA!  Sisters love going to weekly meeting to find out who receives the Chapter Princess award and to find out who wins the most recent banner from the raffle. Every year we hold all kinds of sisterhood building events, like our annual Sisterhood Retreat, where the entire chapter spends the weekend together at a local camp. Our Sisterhood Chair plans tons of fun events for our sisters throughout every semester, like tie dye night, 80's skate night,  ZTA Open House for new members, a Christmas Party, trips to the pumpkin patch, dinner on the ZTA Hall, and so much more.

Our chapter strives to make our newest sisters feel as though Zeta Tau Alpha is their home away from home. Soon after bid day, our New Member Coordinator plans an exciting New Member Retreat for our new members to get to know each other and spend the weekend together. Big/Little week is held within the first few weeks of the fall semester, which is when our new members are showered with love and surprises from their Big Sisters. At the end of the week, each new member finds out who their Big Sister is! A Big Sister in ZTA is a mentor, someone that will help new members in every area of college life. They are there to give advice, encourage and support their little sister through anything! 

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